Couples Travelling The Great Ocean Road

Couples (romance):
Planning a romantic getaway with your partner? Apollo Bay is the ideal destination for you, when thinking about a small coastal town romance comes to mind immediately. Let me tell you about some great things to do while holidaying with your better half. Cozy accommodation is key and here at Great Ocean Road Escapes we have lots of it, find yourself a snuggly base for some wonderful and romance filled day trips. Why not surprise with a scenic flight from Apollo Bay Aviation Flights? From Apollo Bay you will have a choice of flights and packages to explore Victoria’s greatest coastal landmarks by air. Experience the Great Ocean Road via the historical Shipwreck Coast to the 12 Apostles the flight route follows the Great Ocean Walk. Other great things you can do and visit when in Apollo bay with your partner are the various waterfalls and their picturesque walking trails, Melba Gully fern tree walk (visit at night and see the spectacular glow worms), going on a platypus eco tour down at Lake Elizabeth or tasting some great local wines at the Tastes of the region just behind the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse. Special occasions and romantic dinners are best to be celebrated at Chris’s Restaurant which is just a short drive out of town. Overlooking Bass Strait, set high in the Otways above the Great Ocean Road, Chris’s Beacon Point Restaurant has become a Mecca for gourmet travellers. It is one of the best-loved restaurants in the region with the focus on food of Southern Europe combined with the freshest and purest produce has made them world famous, please note bookings are essential. Wanting artisanal food with the focus on the best quality local produce? La Bimba will not disappoint, ensuring ingredients are gathered from fishermen and farmers in the Apollo Bay region is an essential value to farmer, chef and restaurant owner, Steve Earle. Visiting the majestic Twelve Apostles, located just off the Great Ocean Road in the Port Campbell National Park, will be one of the great highlights of your holiday. Created by constant erosion of the limestone cliffs of the mainland beginning 10–20 million years ago, the stormy Southern Ocean and blasting winds gradually eroded the softer limestone, forming the stone structure known to us as the 12 Apostles. View them at sunrise and sunset as they change colour from dark and foreboding in shadow to brilliant sandy yellow under a full sun. You can do all these activities alongside long walks on some of australia’s most famous beaches. It can’t get more romantic that this.

Escape The Everyday. Fresh Salty Air, Rolling Green Hills And The Wash Of The Sea In The Distance

These are the sights, smells and sounds of your Apollo Bay escape