GOR Running Festival

GOR Running Festival

We are proud to be home to the finish line of The Great Ocean Road Running Festival here in Apollo Bay. http://greatoceanroadrunfest.com.au/

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What date is the event?
The 2019 Great Ocean Road Running Festival will be held on the weekend of May 18-19, 2018.
Saturday 18th May Garmin Paradise Run & Wheelchair Race (14km) Mizuno Run (6km) Great Ocean Road Real Estate Kids’ Gallop (1.5km)
Sunday 19th May Lorne Hotel Great Ocean Road Walk (5km or 10km) Ultra Marathon (60km) Great Ocean Road Marathon (44km) Half Marathon (23km)
Will there be a shuttle bus to the start line?
• There will be a bus service available to Ultra Marathon, Marathon and Half Marathon competitors on Sunday May 19.
• Shuttle buses will run along the Great Ocean Road between Lorne and Apollo Bay, to the start lines in the morning as well as after the event.
• Shuttle buses depart from Lorne and Apollo Bay from 5:45am.
• Apollo Bay has two departure points along Main St. Half Marathon (Kennett River) and Ultra/Marathon (Lorne) please make sure you are at the correct point.
• You will be required to purchase a bus pass ($10) and select your route preference during your online event registration.
• The bus pass is a wristband, available from the Race Week Offices and you will be required to be wearing it on Race Day.
• Further information on the event bus service is provided under each of the event tabs.
How do I change personal details on my registration?
To update your personal details such as address or contact phone number, you will need to login to your ‘My Events Portal’ and click Edit Registration Information. If you have entered the wrong email address you will need to contact us to update your email address.
When do race packs get sent?
Race Packs are only posted to those who register prior to 11.59pm Monday April 9th and provide an Australian address on their registration.
If for any reason your Race Pack does not arrive, a replacement pack can be collected from the Race Week Office.
Please note, if you register after 11:59pm Monday April 9th, your Race Pack must be collected from the Race Week Office during opening hours.
Where do I collect my race pack from?
If you register after 11:59pm Monday April 19th, your race pack must be collected from the Race Week Office during opening hours. The Race Week Office will be located in Apollo Bay and Lorne on Friday May 17 and Saturday May 18.
Please click here for further details including opening hours.
Can someone else collect my race pack on my behalf?
You are welcome to have someone collect your Race Pack on your behalf; they will just need to present a copy of your confirmation email (with QR code to be scanned) at the Race Week Office.
What is in my race pack?
Your Race Pack will include:
• Race information sheet
• Race bib with attached timing chip
• Safety pins
Great Ocean Road Real Estate 1.5km Kids’ Gallop, Great Ocean Road Walk, Half Marathon, Marathon and Ultra Marathon competitor gifts must be collected at the finish line after your run or walk. Please make sure you show your race bib for collection!
I’ve lost my race pack.
If you have lost your Race Pack or it did not arrive due to an incorrect address, you will be required to purchase a replacement pack at the Race Week Office during opening hours. The cost of a new race pack is $20.00.
How do I withdraw?
If you need to withdraw from an event, you will be required to submit a Withdrawal Application Form.
For further information on withdrawing and to complete this application form, please click here.
Are there cancellation fees if I withdraw?
If you withdraw after 11:59pm Monday April 9th for any reason (including, but not limited to, medical reasons), there is no refund of any portion of the entry fee.
If I withdraw, what do I do with my race pack?
Race packs will be sent out from mid April. If you withdraw from an event after you have received your race pack please write ‘Return to Sender’ on the front of the pack, and send it back to us as soon as possible.
How do I change my event?
The cut-off date for online event changes is 11:59pm Monday April 9th. After this date all event changes must be made in person at the Apollo Bay or Lorne Race Week Offices.
If I change my event, what do I do with my current race pack?
Race Packs will be sent to Early Bird entrants from mid April.
If you are changing events and you have already received your race pack, you will be required to bring your original pack to collect a replacement pack from the Race Week Office.
Can I transfer my entry to someone else?
Under no circumstance are you permitted to pass your entry onto someone else.
We cannot process name changes.
If you cannot compete in the event, you must withdraw. For further information and to officially withdraw from the event, please click here.
How do I find out my bib number?
Bib numbers for the 2019 event will not be pre-allocated. You will not receive your bib number until you receive your race pack in the mail or collect it from the Race Week Office.
I think my timing chip has been damaged
If you believe that your timing chip has been damaged, it is best to pick up a replacement from the Race Week Office during opening hours.
Do not bend the chip or leave the chip in areas subject to heat or water damage.
How do I register a team?
You can register a team during the online event registration process. You can also create a new team after you have registered. Simply visit your ‘My Events Portal’ and click on Create a team.
I’ve already registered, how can I join a team?
If you would like to join a team after you have registered for the Great Ocean Road Marathon, please log on to your ‘My Events Portal’ and select ‘Join a Team’.
What are the payment options for my team members?
There is an option to prepay for team members on the online event registration form. Under Team Information on the registration form just select Create a Team and select Prepay for team members. Please note if you wish to prepay for team members you will need to know the exact number of people who you wish to pay for and the events they wish to run in.
What are the course cut-off times?
• Ultra Marathon – 6 hours and 30 minutes
• Marathon – 6 hours and 30 minutes
• Half Marathon – 6 hours and 30 minutes
• Garmin 14km Paradise Run – 2 hours and 30 minutes
• Mizuno 6km Run – 1 hour and 10 minutes
• Kids’ Gallop – 30 minutes
• Great Ocean Road Real Estate Walk – 3 hours
What will be at the drink stations?
Water and fruit will be provided at drink stations on course, as well as a sports drink. The on course sports drink for 2019 is yet to be confirmed.
Are there toilets on the course?
Yes, there are toilets located at all of the drink stations on course for all distance events.
How old do I have to be to compete?
Marathon and Ultra Marathon – Minimum 18 years of age on Race Day Half Marathon – Minimum 16 years of age on Race Day 14km Run, 6km Run & Great Ocean Road Walk – Children under 13 must be accompanied by a participating adult on course at all times Kids’ Gallop – Must be under 13 years of age on race day to compete. Parents are more than welcome to run with their children, however won’t be required to register.
What are the age categories for each event?
Ultra Marathon Half Marathon 14km Run 18 – 19 18 – 19 16 – 19 Under 13
20 – 29 20 – 29 20 – 29 14 – 17 30 – 39 30 – 39 30 – 39 18 – 19 40 – 44 40 – 44 40 – 44 20 – 29 45 – 49 45 – 49 45 – 49 30 – 39 50 – 54 50 – 54 50 – 54 40 – 44 55 – 59 55 – 59 55 – 59 45 – 49 60 – 64 60 – 64 60 – 64 50 – 54 65 – 69 65 – 69 65 – 69 55 – 59
70 – 74 70 – 74 70 – 74 60 – 64 75+ 75+ 75+ 65 – 69 70 – 74 75+
Can I run with a pram?
Yes, prams are permitted however please start at the back of the group at the start line, and keep left at all times. Please be very wary of other competitors who may want to pass you.
You will only need to pay a separate entry fee for your baby if you wish to get a second race bib and finisher’s medal.
Can I run with my dog?
All pets are strictly prohibited from entering any part of the course at any time.
Can I run with headphones?
We strongly discourage the use of headphones on course.
If you do choose to listen to music and wear headphones whilst running, please ensure that you are still able to hear what is happening around you, including instructions from course marshals and please be very wary of other competitors who may be wanting to pass you.
Where can I find accommodation for the event?
If you are looking for accommodation, please contact Apollo Bay Visitor Information Centre on 03 5237 6529.
Can I fundraise for another charity?
You are more than welcome to fundraise for any charity you wish.
We recommend setting up a fundraising page through GoFundraise, however you are most welcome to use other fundraising platforms.
I have never run an ultra-marathon before, can I still register?
Anyone is welcome to register, however we recommend at least having previously run a Marathon.
For all runners considering the Ultra Marathon, please understand that this is a challenge that you must be up for both physically and mentally. Please ensure you adjust your training to suit this course, and can run the 60km within the event cut-off time (6.5 hours) prior to registering for this event.
Please look at the course elevation before registering – an elevation map for the Ultra Marathon can be found here.
When can I receive my results?
Results will be made available within 48 hours after the event via our website.

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