House Rules

Welcome to Apollo Bay and the greater Otways region – Paradise by the sea!

We trust you enjoy your stay with us.  

Our intention is for you to feel at home away from home at your holiday rental accommodation. We have had this property commercially cleaned for your convenience.  We ask that you follow our straightforward regulations below regarding maintaining the property to the same standard during your visit so that our next guests can experience a similar inviting and comfortable experience.

Check Out

Check out time is 10am.  We appreciate you adhering to this departure time.  

We have a number of guests departing on any given day and the cleaning schedule for all our properties is based around this time.

House care


-Do not place hot items such as pots/pans on the kitchen surface as it can leave a permanent stain.

-Ensure nothing is left in the sink and all crockery and glasses cleaned and packed away.

-Wipe down all the benches with cleaning product provided.

-Please empty the dishwasher and put all dishes away.  

-Please remove all your food from the fridge and ensure fridge is left clean.

-If your property has a BBQ, please scrape and clean after each use.

Excess charges: Please note a surcharge of $80.00 applies


-Ensure no personal items are left in the washing machine/dryer.


-Place all used towels in a neat pile on the floor.

-Place all used soap in the rubbish bin.


-Place all used sheets and pillow cases in a neat pile on the floor.

– Please ensure you only use linen for the amount of people you have booked for. Additional linen used will incur a surcharge.

-Do Not remove doona cases or mattress protectors. Our cleaning team are responsible for maintaining these items.


-Ensure all remote controls are left next to the television/DVD.

-Coffee table should be clear of all personal items and any coffee stains wiped away.


Pets are not allowed at this property

If the above terms are not adhered to, Great Ocean Road Escapes reserves the right to request your immediate departure without a refund being payable.


Please be respectful to your neighbours and keep noise to an appropriate level. Noise should be kept to a minimum after 10am.


No smoking inside.  If you smoke outside, please dispose of cigarette butts thoughtfully. Do not dispose in the garden as this is a damaging to the environment and potential fire hazard.


Rubbish is collected on Tuesday mornings.  If you are staying on Monday night, please place the council-provided bins on the nature strip at the front of the house.

Green Bin (Fortnightly) – Organics such as food scraps (wrapped in newspaper), garden waste and other materials that will decompose

Yellow Bin (Fortnightly) – Recyclables bottles, milk and juice cartons, steel and aluminium cans

Red Bin (Weekly) Garbage house hold waste such as chip packets, lolly wrappers, used cosmetic products and other not recyclable containers.

Additional guests

We prepare the house for the specific number of guests booked. If any unexpected additional guests arrive, we need to be notified immediately and you will be charged accordingly.

Power outage

You are not eligible for any refund due to an unforeseen power outage.


At certain times of the year, the Apollo Bay, Marengo and Skenes Creek areas may be on water restrictions.  Please take note of signs alerting when water restrictions are in force.  

Please also be mindful of brief showers in order to conserve water and for not more than one shower in operation at any one time.

If your property is powered by electricity, it may take a short period of time for the water to heat up prior to your shower.


Be vigilant regarding shutting external doors to the house to minimize risk of flies and mosquitos entering your property, especially during summer months.

During warmer months, please be mindful of snakes who tend to inhabit areas with long grass and shrubbery.  Take special care with children and the elderly and stick to designated path at all times.  Take care when lifting or moving any objects in outside areas which snakes could hide under.

Excess Charges

Please note that excess charges will apply if the following rules are not followed:

-Dishes left in the dishwasher or the sink

-Damage to the property

-BBQ left unclean

-If you use more linen / beds than the number of guests booked for

-If there is any evidence of pets being inside the house

This is to ensure that all guests, like yourselves, continue to enjoy a comfortable and clean standard we pride ourselves on.

On Your Departure

Please take a few minutes before you leave to:

  • Ensure that all appliances including heaters & air conditioners are turned off
  • Check you have all your belongings – phone chargers / jewellery & cosmetics.

•Make sure the house is clean & tidy as you found it & all furniture & kitchen items are clean & back in their original places.

  • Put separated rubbish in the wheelie bins outside.
  • Make sure windows are closed & all doors are properly locked & secure.
  • Please take the time to complete our feedback form to better serve you.

We hope you have a lovely time in Apollo Bay.

Thank you for booking with us at Great Ocean Road Escapes, we look forward to having you as our guests in the near future! We greatly appreciate you recommending us to your friends and family.

Have a safe journey.

Escape The Everyday. Fresh Salty Air, Rolling Green Hills And The Wash Of The Sea In The Distance

These are the sights, smells and sounds of your Apollo Bay escape